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Special thanks to Cat Who for this exceedingly cheesy signature!

Thank you Ragady Ann for this chunk of cheesiness!!
My blootiful Frenchie friend Cyril did this drawing November 2000! There is a link to a larger copy in my links section.

Joscelin- The Cheesy One

Who IS That Chick With The Cheesy Head??

Hello! Jos here- The pic above is me and my CHEESE HEAD! That head (which I had been drooling over for months) was a glorious gift on Easter Sunday 1999 from many folks who were kind enough to donate!

In March of 2002 I accepted a position as Caretaker. I've taken my love of and service to the Dreamscape community a step further. I'm still learning and what my role will be in the grand scheme of things is yet to be known, but I'm enjoying my new duties.

Here's a bit about my life in Dreamscape:

Those who know me, may tell you I'm considered friendly, albeit a bit odd.. LOL I've been cruising the streets of Kymer since August 1, 1998. Thanks to the friend who led me to Kymer, Kranberry. After I short time inworld I walked the path of becoming a Golden Knight (October 1998). Along the way I made many friends whom I cherish. It was Kanjo- Golden Knight who first showed me what it was to have a golden heart, and it was the love of many new friends that kept me from going insane while I went through the process of joining the order, where I served the citizens of Kymer with great joy for about a year. Though I left the Golden Knights to become an Acolyte in November of 1999, I will always be mindful of the things I learned and the skills I polished while part of this extraordinary group.

I am blessed to have several wonderful inworld Sisters and Brothers as well as numerous friends. My virtual family is as real to me as the family I have known all my life.

I am proud to be a Kymerian, to part of a supportive, fun-loving community that proves without question that random acts of kindness and caring individuals are alive and well. Storms come and go here as they do anywhere, but I can always count on feeling better about things in the real world after time spent in The Dream.

Besides my obsession with cheese (strange, but true), my passion for trunks/chests,all things golden and event lockables, I am just your average 5'7" cheese walking around on 2 legs, I'll be happy to help you in any way that I can, or to direct you to someone who can help you if I am not able to.

I support wholeheartedly and occasionally submit articles and snapshots to, the Virtual Planet-an inworld publication. I believe in peace and the acceptance of ALL avatars in Kymer.

Though I have resigned from the staff in Dreamscape, I can still be found inworld on ocassion. When I am there, I look forward to meeting you and hearing your take on our world. Until then, I wish you the cheesiest of dreams, and much peace!

**Please note, that the views expressed on the this page belong solely to Joscelin ****

-------If you have come here by chance and are wondering just what the heck I am talking about, please see my list of links below and come read all about Dreamscape!----------

The Golden Rule: Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done Unto You- still relevant even today! Learn it, Know it, Live it!

Doorway To The Dream & More About Joscelin

Virtual Zones
Learn About Dreamscape and Other Virtual Worlds.. those places over the rainbow you're heard so much about!
Fromage Ala Cyril
A wonderfully cheesy caricature by my friend Cyril da french.
Cheesy Photo Album
Pictures of me and my cheesiness..
Dreamscape Help Links
A great list of helpful links related to the Dreamscape.
The Many Faces of Joscelin
More pictures of me and my cheese..
The Virtual Planet
An inworld publication, for Kymerians by Kymerians.. need to know what's up? Stop in and take a read.

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